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The 8 functions of ProtonMail

ProtonMail is a new encrypted email service that allows users to send and receive email without knowing who can see messages. ProtonMail’s security system uses end-to-end encryption, which means that only the sender and recipient can read messages. It is also possible for users to use ProtonMail anonymously, so it doesn’t matter whether they are logged into their account or not! In this blog post we are going to talk about 8 features of the ProtonMail platform including: unlimited storage, secure password recovery and more!

The 8 functions of ProtonMail

8 Features of ProtonMail.

  1. Unlimited Storage: ProtonMail offers unlimited storage, unlike some competitors who only offer limited storage. This also means that if you have an account with us and your inbox gets full, we will automatically delete old emails so you can make room for new ones!
  2. Secure password recovery: One feature of the ProtonMail account is the ability to reset your password. This feature allows you to log into an account if you forgot or lost your password and get back on track without anyone having access to messages sent before the change
  3. More: In addition to unlimited storage space, ProtonMail offers a number of other functions, including end-to-end encryption, anonymous e-mails of hotmail.de, and more.
  4. ProtonMail can also be used for all types of businesses: you don’t need to have a small business or non-profit organization to use our secure email tools! For example, ProtonMail was used by WIRED Magazine to protect their sensitive information from being leaked.
  5. Users can encrypt messages: ProtonMail also provides the ability for users to log in with or without using an account. If you are not looking for a full-service e-mail provider, it is possible to use our platform only when necessary and to protect your privacy!
  6. Other Features: One of the other features we offer in an account is the ability to add a trusted recipient. This feature allows you to share sensitive information with someone without worrying about it being leaked or mishandled!
  7. ProtonMail also offers end-to-end encryption: This means that only people who are involved in the conversation can read messages sent back and forth. It is also possible to send messages anonymously, so it does not matter whether you are logged into ProtonMail or not!
  8. Free: Finally, the last feature of this service that we want to mention is free. By logging in with a ProtonMail account, users have access to all of these features with no hidden costs or fees!

frequently asked Questions

How much storage do I get?

We offer unlimited email storage with ProtonMail. When your inbox gets full, we’ll automatically delete old emails for you to make room for new ones! You can also add a trusted recipient to an account and share sensitive information without worrying about it being treated the wrong way. In addition, messages are encrypted and can only be read by people who are involved in the conversation.

What is end-to-end encryption?

End-to-end encryption ensures that messages are encrypted so that only you and your recipient can see what has been sent. It also allows users to send anonymous email so they don’t have to worry about others viewing their messages.



This is a perfect article for all those persons who are facing trouble in installing Showbox on Amazon Firestick.

Before going to know about steps. Let us first know about the Amazon fire stick and Showbox from KKiste.to.

In current times Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV are well-established names in the sphere of on the streaming boxes because of their unique features. With Amazon Firestick and Fire TV, you can enjoy a wide range of libraries of almost all major streaming services like Youtube, Netflix, Disney plus, HBO Max, etc.and facility voice remote is its other golden add on.

And the Showbox is one of the most compatible firestick’s streaming application. In present times, it is a possible substitute for terrarium TV. Showbox holds an awesome cluster of national and international movies and TV shows in premium quality. Showbox also keeps its library updated with constant efforts regularly.


The downloading and installation process for Firestick is a child’s play. Just follow the provided steps.

These steps go well with fire tv too.

  • Step-1 The process of installing Showbox commences with opening the Amazon store. From here, download the apps for the Firestick device.
  • Step-2 Now, hunt for the FireDL app in the Amazon store.
  • Step-3 After finding fireDL app download it on your device install Showbox.
  • step-4 Click on the FireDL app on firestick to open.
  • Step-5 The next move is to install show box APK file

For this purpose, you can either search the 085702 or Showbox.

  • Step-6 Once your installation process ends. you are now all set to enjoy the Showbox app.

It is recommended that while performing these instructions you should have high-speed internet connectivity.


Errors are quite obvious to occur while enjoying streaming. Errors may be the absence of audio or popping up of force close message on your screen. But you can fix them within a couple of minutes if you are aware of the process.

Just try the below-mentioned steps to eliminate the respective issues quickly.

Open the Settings > and go to the Applications > then select Manage Installed Applications from your Fire TV menu.

And you can also perform the following :

  • Erase all your cache and data. This is the most common solution to every issue.
  • You can also Uninstall the app and reinstall it after a few moments.
  • Turn off your Fire TV device and turn on it after 5-10 minutes. And Press Select and Play/Pause buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.
  • If you are using Amazon Fire TV 1st and 2nd Generation devices, then you can also change the storage (external to internal and vice versa).
  • Make sure that the App has all the necessary permissions for its proper functioning. For this purpose :

Open the Settings options > then select Applications > Applications  > Grant all the Permissions.

If the audio is missing in the video is inaudible than by the below-mentioned instructions you can restore the missing audio.

  • Make sure the receiver is in ON status. If your Fire TV is connected to an A/V receiver.
  • Check the Dolby Digital Plus status. If it is in ON state than  Turn OFF.
  • Open > Settings > then go to Display & Sounds option > choose Audiofrom the Fire TV menu > and turn it off.
  • Check HDMI cable to connectivity.

Hope this information will solve your installation issue.

Software Review

Constant Contact vs Sendinblue | Which is Better Email Marketing Services?

Today we will compare Constant Contact and SendinBlue to help you decide which is the best solution for you. The information below is based on real data from our user community like you, which offers you a truly impartial comparison. In the collection “Comparative email marketing services (free and paid 2020)” Constant Contact is in fourth place, while SendinBlue is in seventh place. SendinBlue dominates with a global user/publisher rating of 4.1 / 5 stars with 1 review, the user/publisher rating of Constant Contact is 2.4 / 5 stars with 4 reviews. This data is calculated in real-time from verified user reviews or publisher ratings if there is insufficient data for user ratings. If for some reason it is not possible to choose between Constant Contact or SendinBlue at the end of this comparison, we have included some useful alternatives such as ActiveCampaign according to the recommendations of our community.

Email Marketing Guide

Constant Contact:

Who is this software for?

Constant Contact is ideal for companies of any size. Constant Contact facilitates email marketing by simplifying the process of creating a personalized email that matches your brand. Its easy-to-use email editor and customizable templates. Easily import your existing list or create one using your registration forms. Create and schedule your emails to be automatically sent to people who join your lists and satisfy your personalized triggers. With Constant Contact, you can turn your emails into posts on social media so you can contact your fans wherever they are. Constant Contact also offers a complete email marketing service so that your email marketing campaigns take off.


  • Free for 60 days
  • Simple email imports from Gmail
  • contract Cancel at any time.


  • Storage restrictions
  • Limited automatic response


Who is this software for?

Sendinblue is ideal for large/small businesses. SendinBlue allows you to take advantage of email and SMS messages to interact with your audience.
With SendinBlue you can easily create attractive emails with your drag and drop designer and the selection of models suitable for mobile devices. Send your perfectly designed emails to the right people with the creator of the campaign and maximize ROI with your in-depth reports. SendinBlue has a simple pricing structure based on the amount of email it sends and offers an IP service dedicated to those who deal with shipping rates.


  • Send up to 9,000 emails/month for free
  • Email / transactional tracking
  • Responsive design models


  • Lacks third-party integrations
  • It does not give you the opportunity to create an Optin double email newsletter

Why is Constant Contact better than SendinBlue?

5 reasons to consider it

  • Constant contact is cheaper than SendinBlue
  • Compared to others, the price is reasonable.
  • Great list of features
  • A competitor in email marketing services in comparison (2020 free and paid)
  • It has 15 exceptional characteristics
  • It has e-commerce integration
  • You have unlimited emails
  • It has tracking and reports

Why is SendinBlue better than Constant Contact?

5 reasons to consider it

  • It offers a free plan with multiple advanced features
  • Most of our users are having a positive experience with SendinBlue
  • Great list of features
  • A competitor in email marketing services in comparison (2020 free and paid)
  • It has 15 exceptional characteristics
  • It has e-commerce integration
  • You have unlimited emails
  • It has tracking and reports
  • burning series app: Ihr Email Leitfaden